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The Mizel Arts and Culture Center at the JCC is excited to bring you a special live performance by the Israeli musical touring artists, Shufuni. This unforgettable event is presented in partnership with Moving to Our Center and the JCC Association of North America.

Founded in 2022, Shufuni began as a weekly, open-mic concert featuring emerging artists in Sderot, a Southern Israeli town famous for its music scene. However, following October 7th and the subsequent loss of several band and audience member, the group has taken a new direction. “How do we get the voices of civilians, citizens, and soldiers to our communities in North America and for them to understand what’s going on?” the group wondered. The result was the founding of Mitchabrim, an initiative that connects Jews in the diaspora to Israeli culture and programming.

The current tour features four artists from the Gaza envelope who will be touring five JCC locations over nine days. The evening at the JCC Denver will include musical performances as well as personal stories shared by the artists.

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